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A generation of children are hearing the messages being provoked by the unspeakable divisions in our country and the political hate being directed by those using partisan politics as a weapon. These are a few of the things children are hearing:

PEOPLE DON’T COUNT: They have no intrinsic value. The moment you accept this you free yourself any responsibility for them.

DON’T APOLOGIZE: When you are wrong or speak in error, never admit it!

DIFFERENCES ARE DANGEROUS: The more differences around you, the more there is to fear. Threats will always come from those who aren’t like you.

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU: Discard all that nonsense about caring for others. This is a zero sum game with only one winner.

NEVER FEEL SORRY: To feel empathy is a weakness. It is a virtue to not give a damn about other people.

CHEAT TO WIN: The desired ends justify any possible means. Victory is all that matters.

MAKE YOUR OWN RULES: Rules are for everyone else. Find the loopholes and use them, that’s why they’re there.

VALUES DON’T MATTER: Everything has a price, your word, your vote, your soul. Don’t waste your time with personal morality or forming a code of ethics.

WHEN IN DOUBT, LIE: Truth is, fluid and you get to define it. Tell lies with conviction and soon they will become true

If our children are indeed this country’s future we need our children to not be threatened by someone else’s difference, who do not see another person’s gain as their loss, who have a desire for equality and justice for all.

We must teach our children how to treat people and how to transcend prejudice and bias and embrace fairness and civility.

– Hanson is a member of the Walworth County Democratic Party.

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