[GREEN BAY, Wis.] — Candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch dominated and laid out her vision for a prosperous Wisconsin at the GOP governor’s race debate hosted by Joe Giganti at Providence Academy on Monday evening.


The clear loser in Monday’s Republican gubernatorial debate was Tim Michels. Michels dodged the debate. Instead, he scheduled a rally in Lomira near his corporate headquarters on Monday evening to avoid facing consistent conservative Rebecca Kleefisch.


After the debate, Rebecca for Governor campaign manager Charles Nichols released the following statement: 


“Rebecca Kleefisch proved tonight why she’s the conservative choice for Wisconsin governor. As a middle-class mom, Rebecca personally feels the pain Wisconsin is facing thanks to four years of Tony Evers — from paying for skyrocketing prices of gas and groceries, to worrying about the safety of her community, to her daughters being locked out of school during the pandemic. As governor, she’s ready to put Wisconsin back on track.


“Tim Michels lost tonight’s debate and tried to hide from voters. If Tim Michels isn’t ready to debate, is he really ready to lead Wisconsin? As inflation soars, voters need to hear Michels account for his long history of lobbying for raising the gas tax. But it’s clear Michels wants to hide from his true record as a businessman while campaigning on being vice president of Michels Corp. Tonight’s no-show made it clear he’s not ready to take on Tony Evers or be Wisconsin’s governor.”


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