[Waukesha, Wis.] — Candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch released the following statement on Tuesday after Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney Gen. Josh Kaul announced their lawsuit to throw out Wisconsin’s abortion ban:


“It’s insulting to hear Tony Evers and Josh Kaul tell Wisconsin women that they cannot have babies and be successful. It’s the most anti-feminist lie liberals tell. They want women to think that we won’t be able to live full lives unless we end the lives of unplanned babies. But women have been giving children life and reaching their goals as long as motherhood has existed.


“Enforcing the law on the books isn’t difficult. Tony Evers’ lawsuit is nothing more than a sham to continue his long-standing history of lawlessness in Wisconsin. Evers didn’t enforce the law and stop the rioters when Kenosha burned. He didn’t  use his tools to fire out-of-control DAs who let criminals like Darrel Brooks run amok. And now he won’t enforce Wisconsin law to protect the lives of unborn babies.


“When I’m governor, I will stand for law and order and enforce Wisconsin’s current law that protects the unborn.”

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