WisconsinEye screenshot.

GOP guv candidate Rebecca Kleefisch released two new ads today, vowing in both that she will “never back down.”

Kleefisch’s campaign said the spots will run statewide on TV and digital, but didn’t release other details.

In one, Kleefisch says she’s been a “fighter my whole life” as a reporter, a mother and as lieutenant governor “fighting the liberal mob.”

“I’ll protect your wallet from liberal politicians. I’ll protect your neighborhoods from violent
criminals. And I will protect the integrity of your vote from corrupt bureaucrats. I’ll stand up to the Madison insiders,” Kleefisch says in the ad.

In the other, Kleefisch says she can “coupon like I’m on a reality show,” but it’s not enough to “overcome what Joe Biden and Tony Evers have done.”

“Thanks a lot, Biden,” her daughter says derisively as they walk through a grocery store.

Kleefisch then says inflation is costing Wisconsin families more than $5,000 a year. Millionaires and insiders are fine, but “regular families like ours are paying the price.” She vows to cut taxes and waste.

“Oh she’ll do it,” says her husband Joel Kleefisch, a former state lawmaker who is currently a registered lobbyist.

See the ads:

See the release here.

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