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Builder, veteran, and outsider launches bid to defeat Tony Evers
BROWNSVILLE, WI – Conservative businessman and veteran, Tim Michels, announced his bid to become Wisconsin’s next governor today. He is running in the Republican primary.

“Wisconsin is on the wrong track. From COVID to Kenosha, Tony Evers has been a terrible governor,” said Michels. “His instincts are awful and his policies are even worse.”

Tim Michels is a proven leader from outside the political establishment who is poised to clean up the mess in Madison and get things headed in the right direction. Michels and his brothers run Michels Construction, which in the last 25 years has grown from a few hundred employees to a nationally-admired, multi-faceted construction company with more than 8,000 employees.

“I’m a businessman and a veteran — not a politician.” Michels continued. “Holding office has not been a lifelong goal of mine. However, when I see the mess Tony Evers has created, I hear a call to serve and believe I have a duty to try to help get Wisconsin back on track. I know my proven, decisive, executive leadership experience is just what we need in Madison.”

Four of the key issues Michels will focus on during the campaign are the economy, education, public safety and election integrity.

“Under Tony Evers, violent crime is surging, our economy was shut down unconstitutionally, elections are being hijacked by big tech foundations from California, and our schools are leaving our most vulnerable kids behind,” said Michels. “I won’t tolerate the repeated failures we’ve seen from the Evers Administration.”

Michels vowed his campaign will be free from special interest influence yet will have the resources necessary to defeat Tony Evers.

“Our campaign will be aggressive, and it will be free of special interest influence,” said Michels. “I will not accept any contributions from PACs or lobbyists and I have set a cap of individual contributions to $500.”

Michels is holding an event with family and friends later this afternoon at his company’s Brownsville maintenance facility, just down the road from where he was born and raised. The campaign has also begun a statewide advertising campaign on radio and television as well as via direct mail and digital communications.

Michels for Governor, Inc. is launching an aggressive grassroots, door-to-door campaign across the state following today’s announcement. Michels said the timing of his announcement meets the expectations and needs of Wisconsin voters

“As I’ve talked to people across Wisconsin, nobody has said to me, ‘you know, I wish campaigns were longer.’ I will not engage in sniping and personal attacks. That’s what politicians want to do. My campaign is different. I’m focused on one goal – winning, and getting Wisconsin out of the hands of ineffectual career politicians like Tony Evers.”

For further information, visit and follow the campaign on the following social media platforms.

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