WEST ALLIS, Wisc. – This election is a referendum on Tony Evers’ four years of failure, but the forty-year bureaucratic bungler and his special interest and media allies are desperately trying to focus attention elsewhere.

“Tony Evers is pathetic, ending his campaign and a career with a lie,” said Michels for Governor Spokesperson Anna Kelly. “He and his special interest and media allies have lied about Michels’ company, and now they’re lying about his policies. To attempt to twist a line about future electoral success is sad, desperate, and unbecoming of a sitting governor. Wisconsin deserves better, but thankfully, Tony Evers’ four years of failure are coming to an end.”

The latest desperation comes on the heels of dark money liberal groups attempting to win conservative votes for an independent candidate who dropped out of the race months ago. Joan Ellis-Beglinger has since endorsed Michels, saying Evers’ allies’ work “is just more evidence of how corrupt our politics have become.”

Read Tim Michels’ Michels Election Integrity Blueprint here.

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