WEST ALLIS, Wisc. – According to Tony Evers, the buck never stops with him. As Wisconsinites discover the brutal murderers, child rapists, and wife decapitators released by his Parole Commission, the absentee governor has been quick to claim that he has no influence over paroles. Simultaneously, Evers has referenced his letter to his twice-appointed Parole Commissioner John Tate asking him to reconsider parole for murderer Douglas Balsewicz due to public pressure.

So which is it? Evers’ actions in the Balsewicz case prove that he has influence over paroles – and in 2018, he even campaigned on cutting the prison population in half and releasing some inmates early. Meanwhile, a host of other heinous criminals remain out on the streets:

  • David Delveaux smashed a 17-year-old girl’s head into the ground and repeatedly kicked her, had sex with her body, and dragged her into a pine grove where she died.
  • Mark Ketterhagen shot his pregnant girlfriend four times after she refused to have an abortion, tossing her body off a bridge into the Fox River.
  • Frederick Herrington beat his two-year-old foster son to death because he soiled his pants. The child was found at the bottom of stairs.
  • James Block strangled his ex-girlfriend, then revived her, thenasphyxiated her to death with his knee, telling her to “die b*tch.”

These are atrocious crimes committed by sick individuals who should not be enabled to threaten more people, including the families of their victims. If Tony Evers has enough say in his parole commission to rescind Balsewicz’s parole, why hasn’t he said a word about the brutal murderers, child rapists, and wife decapitators who remain on the streets today?

“Tony Evers only acts when his political career is at stake,” said Michels Campaign Spokesperson Anna Kelly. “Evers has coddled criminals, vilified law enforcement, and emboldened violence. He will never prioritize keeping Wisconsinites safe, but Tim Michels will.” 

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