GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels is out with a new TV ad in which he vows to “turn Madison upside down.”

A source told last week the statewide buy is $980,000 for the first week

The 60-second ad features Michels talking directly to the camera as various pictures from his past appear on the screen, including him in his Army uniform.

Michels says he served God, family and country as an Army commander, but the media “say none of that matters anymore.” He took the pledge everyday at school as a kid and in the service took an oath, “but today, people take a knee.”

He says “the liberals want your head” if you get a pronoun wrong and too many establishment Republicans are “along for the ride” as the “radical left” destroys “everything we love about America.”

“I’m Tim Michels. I’m running for governor to turn Madison upside down and take back the freedoms that make Wisconsin great,” Michels says.

See the ad:

See Michels’ website:

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