Appleton, WI – Pro-union and populist U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson launched his new official campaign website with a new logo that plays off his paper mill roots and his book One Day Stronger which focuses on how he and the local labor union were able to save the Appleton Coated paper mill from closure. The colors are blue-green to symbolize his commitment to passing a Blue-Green New Deal led by labor to build the clean energy economy of the future. Available is more information on Tom’s Wisconsin roots, in-depth policy plans, videos of Tom’s blue vest and speeches, and even book reviews by Tom. The substantive content shows exactly why he is the best candidate to beat Ron Johnson.

Campaign Manager Irene Lin said, “We are proud this is the best campaign website in the country because we lay out the issues people want to hear about to let folks know where Tom stands. Most candidates, including some in this Senate race, prefer to have the bare minimum. We think voters will appreciate getting to know Tom and his accomplishments through exploring the site.”

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