MILWAUKEE – U.S. Senate Candidate Steven Olikara is endorsed by Andrew Yang, former Candidate for President and Founder of the Forward Party. This is Yang’s only endorsement for the U.S. Senate in 2022.

“It brings me great hope to endorse Steven Olikara for U.S. Senate,” shares Yang. “Wisconsin voters are feeling the effects of a broken system in their daily lives and they have a candidate ready to take these issues head-on. Not only does Steven know that the current political climate is polarizing the American public and driving extremism but he is ready to change the model of politics to elevate dignity over hate, solutions over fundraising and most importantly give empowerment back to the people. With 21st century solutions and pragmatic policies like term limits, nonpartisan primaries and ranked choice voting Steven will bring a real voice to all Wisconsinites.”

“We need a different kind of politics,” says Olikara. “Yang has inspired millions of people on the sidelines to get involved in renewing our democracy and making government work for all of us. I am deeply grateful for his endorsement.”

This endorsement echoes our shared commitment to structural reforms to prioritize people over special interests. As Yang said recently, “the obvious answer is term limits. 74% of Americans are for it. They’re common sense. If we send you to Washington, you shouldn’t be there until the day you die. Do work on our behalf and then come home.”

Olikara recently released his robust plan, Make Government Work for Wisconsin’s Exhausted Majority. “We have to fix the incentives for elected officials.” Right now, politicians in Washington demonize each other and neglect their job of legislating because it is highly profitable to do so. Many spend a majority of their time fundraising as opposed to legislating, and special interest groups sponsor Members’ seats on influential Congressional committees. “It’s legalized bribery, and the vast majority of Wisconsinites lose out. We must elect leaders to Congress who truly care.”

Olikara and Yang will hold a virtual event with supporters at 3:00 PM CT.

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