Today Representative Scott Allen announced that he will seek reelection to the State Assembly.

Allen was first elected in 2014 after winning a very competitive primary election and has been reelected in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

“I love the people of Waukesha, Genesee, and Mukwonago, and being a graduate of Kettle Moraine schools, I look forward to representing the people of North Prairie, Ottawa, Summit, and Dousman, in the newly configured 97th Assembly District,” said Rep. Allen.

Representative Allen intends to make reinforcing the public safety infrastructure his top priority in this upcoming term. The public safety infrastructure includes police, fire, and EMS as well as prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, the courts, the jails and prisons.

“Our public safety systems preserve our quality of life, and it is time for us to reinvest in those systems. We cannot afford to assume that the public safety infrastructure will continue to function well for us without adequate resources,” explained Allen.

“With the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy, we saw that our public safety systems failed,” said Allen. “Let us not let that tragedy be a sign of things to come. It is time to invest the resources needed system-wide to ensure justice is served.”

Other issues of great importance to Rep. Allen include improving the Wisconsin economy and the results of our education systems.

“Wisconsin has a competitiveness challenge that heretofore we have been unwilling to address. We can do nothing about our cold climate, but we can improve our tax climate,” said Rep. Allen.

According to the Tax Foundation Wisconsin’s income tax collections per capita is the 13th highest in the nation. The situation is worse when we look at property taxes where Wisconsin is ranked the 7th highest when it comes to property taxes paid as a percentage of owner-occupied housing value.

“We need to right-size state government and reform local service delivery to reduce redundancies and create more efficiency,” explained Rep. Allen, “but very few seem willing to do that.”

A high-quality education used to be a magnet that drew people to Wisconsin. In decades past people justified Wisconsin’s high taxes because the schools were so good as evidenced by high test scores.

“Today, after years of federal government intrusion and mission creep sponsored by the educational establishment, we see increased education spending with declining enrollment and declining test scores. The test scores in our largest cities are embarrassing,” Allen expressed.

“We have to prioritize and say ‘no’ to nonsense. We must be focused on measurable student performance,” said Allen.

The 2022 partisan primary will be August 9th and the general election will be November 8th.

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