Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) issued the following statement regarding the continuation of Gableman’s investigation into the 2020 election:

“In June of 2021, Speaker Robin Vos hired Justice Michael Gableman and created the Office of Special Counsel, on behalf of the legislature, to investigate the concerns regarding the 2020 presidential election. The investigation has been stalled because officials in democratic cities have not been cooperating; only one subpoenaed party has appeared before the Office of Special Counsel at this point. Democrats cannot be allowed to circumvent justice. If this was the most fair and transparent election as election officials claim, why do they choose not to cooperate?

Now that the LAB, WILL, and Special Counsel have identified a litany of broken laws, election mismanagement, and subpoenas have been issued, the Speaker must allow the investigation to proceed. If Speaker Vos shuts down the Office of Special Counsel’s investigation now, not only will he be condoning cheating, he’ll be legalizing it. The people of Wisconsin deserve to know to what extent the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the five mayors, and various election officials, acted outside of the law.

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