MADISON, WI- Today, Governor Evers and Attorney General Kaul announced that they will be filing a lawsuit to challenge the 173-year-old law that outlaws abortion in our state. On this action, Representative Stubbs released the following statement:

“As elected leaders, it is our job to fight for our constituent’s right to access reproductive health care. With this lawsuit, Attorney General Josh Kaul and Governor Tony Evers are taking action to restore the right to choice that was stolen from Wisconsinites late last week. This lawsuit argues that the Wisconsin State Statutes contain more current laws that conflict with this archaic ban, and that the court should clarify that this ban was impliedly repealed by subsequently passed abortion-related statutes. This direct challenge is an opportunity to restore reproductive rights for patients, and protect healthcare workers that provide essential abortion care.”

“Abortion is health care, and we must use take every action available to ensure healthcare is accessible to everyone in our state. The inaction by the Republican majority is costing the people of Wisconsin. Our communities must not be held back by the majority’s refusal to consider the Abortion Rights Prevention Act. Reproductive healthcare decisions should be made by patients in consultation with their family, faith and medical providers; not politicians”

“Stopping safe and legal abortion in Wisconsin was a dangerous action by the Supreme Court. By overturning Roe V. Wade, countless patients became governed by a law that was written before the American Civil War. It is unconscionable that pregnant people in 2022 will face the repercussion of bad policy that has not been enforceable for the last half-century. Challenging this 19th-century century criminal abortion ban is a step of great leadership that will keep the people of Wisconsin safe.”

“As your representative, I will continue to support any and every action to restore safe and legal abortion care in Wisconsin. Every day that goes by is another day that Wisconsinites are deprived of reproductive healthcare. We must continue to speak up and take action to defend the rights of our neighbors. I want to thank Governor Evers and Attorney General Kaul for taking lead on this effort, and putting the people of Wisconsin first.”

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