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Milwaukee is in a financial crisis. Mayor Chevy Johnson has proposed cuts to the Library System and has already failed on his campaign promise to hire 200 policemen, instead his budget proposed a 2% cut.

The City lost 17,000 people in the last decade according to the latest census numbers, leaving Milwaukee with only 577,222 people. That is not a surprise considering the lack of leadership and disregard for the safety of residents and visitors. The trend of losing residents will only continue into the next decade unless changes are made in leadership.

From a practical standpoint, the new census numbers correlate to the loss of about 1,175 people per aldermanic district from the previous census. Presently each of the 15 aldermen serves an average of 38,481 constituents, some districts have over 40,000 people. Currently, Milwaukee has only 11 aldermen leaving over 150,000 folks without representation for at least half a year and a fifth alderperson will be leaving in a few weeks.

If Mayor Johnson were truly interested in serving the people of Milwaukee, he should have proposed eliminating two aldermen bringing the number to 13, and saving the libraries. Each alderman would only add less than 5,000 people or about 44,401 per district from their 2021 numbers. Alderman earns $77,614 a year.

In contrast, County Supervisors earn $26,144 and each district averages 52,652 people and each State Assembly District serves about 58,000 at a salary of $52,999 plus per diems.

To meet the needs of constituents, Milwaukee and most municipalities would be better off with a reduction in bureaucracy rather than a constant call to raise taxes.

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