EAU CLAIRE, Wis. – Today, Wisconsinites from the Eau Claire and La Crosse areas blasted Ron Johnson for only serving himself in Washington as he has waged attacks on protections for people with pre-existing conditions, has fought against bringing good-paying jobs to the state, and voted against numerous pieces of legislation that would help fight rising costs.

Watch the full event here and see, in part, what the speakers had to say below.

Tina Pohlman: “Ron Johnson’s attacks on our health care system make me and others feel like our lives are worth nothing. It’s not just health care where Johnson has threatened our well being. The parents I work with – Ron Johnson told them and every other Wisconsin family that they’re on their own when it comes to finding quality and affordable child care. And of course Johnson has made clear he’s not willing to fight for good-paying jobs, even when it means bringing more than 1,000 of them to his hometown of Oshkosh. It’s clear that unless you are one of Johnson mega donors, he’s not going to look out for you – he’s not going to look out for us everyday Wisconsinites.”

William Garcia: “Johnson has admitted that he has been unsuccessful in the Senate because he hasn’t been able to repeal the ACA and protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Until he’s out of office, I will worry about the well being of my daughter and the nearly 1 million Wisconsinites who either get health coverage through the marketplace or rely on the ACA to make sure they don’t get over charged for having pre-existing conditions. Wisconsin can’t trust Ron Johnson to be truthful with us or protect our health care, and that’s why we need to vote him out of office.”

Dr. Danielle Johnson: “Ron Johnson is so out of touch with our community – he’s completely out of touch with the reality facing workers and families. We have a history in this country of coming together during hardships, to fight the good fight together, and Ron Johnson is failing to lead us and is instead focused on creating divisions amongst us. It’s clear Johnson is more interested in playing self-serving political games and doesn’t care about people like me.”

Bob Andruskiewicz: “Right now, the biggest threat to my life isn’t MS or a possible cancer scare – it’s Ron Johnson. If he got his way I wouldn’t be able to afford health care. But Johnson’s cruelty extends past people like me – it affects every single Wisconsinite who doesn’t have deep pockets like he does. He seems to think that it isn’t his job to help lower costs and make life just a little bit less difficult. Senator Johnson has proven he doesn’t care about us, so he should have stuck to his two term pledge and retired.”

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