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May marks National Small Business Month, and it is a great time to recognize the individuals who have taken risks to pursue their dream of owning their own business. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have contributed to the state’s economic growth and helped shape Wisconsin’s culture and community. From the Main Street stores where the owners know your name in small towns to the farmers who are feeding our nation, the Badger State’s 462,000 small businesses are leaving their impact on our state.

As one of the Badger State’s largest small business advocacy organizations, Wisconsin Independent Businesses knows well the many risks involved with operating a small business today. However, technology has become a critical resource to help mitigate those risks. The products and tools offered by our domestic technology companies have been transformative to small businesses.

In fact, American technology has a significant impact on many aspects of our lives – from supporting small businesses to ensuring that America can continue to compete with other nations around the world. In the last three years, technology has proven to be a vital resource for small businesses, with owners and entrepreneurs pivoting to the digital marketplace to continue running their businesses during the pandemic to now using technology to mitigate current economic challenges.

For small business owners, every dollar counts. By leveraging American technology and tapping into the digital marketplace, small business owners can grow their business and reach new audiences. They can also harness technology to help them automate and streamline business processes – freeing up their time and lowering their costs.

Technology and the digital marketplace are here to stay, so it is essential our political leaders in Washington support policies that promote and strengthen America’s technology sector and help small businesses grow and compete globally.

While that kind of thinking has always been appropriate, it is even more essential today considering China’s intention to push America out of its role as the global technology leader. For a myriad of economic and security reasons, Wisconsin small businesses are not going to be at their best if they must rely solely on Chinese technology.

Small businesses underpin America’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and as we celebrate small businesses this month, let us continue to support these small business owners and create a regulatory environment that helps them grow and thrive.

–Dake is the president of Wisconsin Independent Businesses.

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