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The object of government is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done but cannot do for themselves in their separate and individual capacities.

The recent public hearing on the Republican childcare bill drew a large crowd. All those testifying except the two authors of the bill spoke against it as it offered no financial support to childcare providers nor to parents unable to afford child care.

The bill passed with a strict party line vote. In the Assembly, Speaker Vos, never offered a public hearing. The Assembly also passed the bill along party lines only.

Instead of public hearings informing those we elect of our needs; the hearings have become nothing more than a box to be checked in the legislative process.

More and more the severe gerrymandering in Wisconsin has led to one party controlling the Legislature. The result is those in power no long ask their constituents what they need but rather tell them what they will receive.

When people no longer have a voice in their government Democracy disappears and government only works for the few; rather than the many.

–Hanson, of Elkhorn, is a member of the Walworth County Democratic Party.

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