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GOP Assembly leader Robin Vos announced his top priority was defeating Governor Evers in the 2022 election. If the Republicans picked up one more seat in the Senate and five more in the Assembly they would have a super majority that would ” make Tony Evers irrelevant.” Republicans would have the ability to override Evers’ vetoes and have complete control of Wisconsin’s government. Gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels went even further promising that ” Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin has the most gerrymandered election districts in the nation. By packing Democrat leaning voters in to a few large urban districts and spreading Republican leaning voters across many districts the GOP is guaranteed majority control of the Senate and Assembly until at least 2031.

If they gained the power to override Evers’ vetoes, their plan was to remove the bipartisan Wisconsin Election Commission and place elections under Republican control in the legislature. Election outcomes would have been determined by the legislature, not the voters.

Gerrymandered election maps that mandate one political party control of government for decades at a time eliminates the hard-working taxpayer’s voice and wealthy and corporate interests dominate. Democracy dies when politics rather than people rule.

The best short term option, perhaps the only option available over the next ten years, to end this threat to our Democracy is to elect a justice in the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election, who supports bipartisan election districts mapping beyond the reach of the Wisconsin’s legislature.

Judge Janet Protasiewicz appears to be the only Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate who holds that the Wisconsin Supreme Court must cease to act as a political body and insist that our government play by the rules. Judge Protasiewicz reflects Wisconsin values with support for fair election maps, women’s reproductive rights and ballot accessibility for all.

– Hanson, of Elkhorn, is a member of the Walworth County Democratic Party.

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