MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Today, Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court released two new ads, part of a $7.9 million-plus statewide media buy.

The ads highlight Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s career as a veteran prosecutor who always upholds the law and protects the constitutional rights of all Wisconsinites, while also drawing a stark contrast to Dan Kelly, who has a clear record of supporting special interests and his own extreme political agenda. 

Judge Janet has more than 35 years of experience in the law, serving as a lifelong advocate for victims of crime and a defender of our constitution. Her work has earned her a reputation for being fair and impartial. Instead of following the law, right-wing extremists like Dan Kelly want to use the supreme court to promote their own radical partisanship. Judge Janet is running to deliver justice and restore integrity to the state’s highest court because that’s what Wisconsinites expect and deserve.

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For 25 years, Janet Protasiewicz was a prosecutor fighting for justice for victims of crime.

Helping people like her and him and them.

She believes everyone deserves a safe community.

As a judge, Janet upholds the constitution and she fiercely guards our rights.

She believes women should have the freedom to make their own decisions on abortion.

A common-sense, impartial judge who cares about us.
Janet Protasiewicz for Supreme Court.

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What does it cost to buy off a judge?

For extremist Dan Kelly, he’s for sale for $20,000.

In 2020, Kelly conveniently changed his mind about whether to judge the Tim Zignego case.

Kelly had recused himself then he pocketed $20,000 in contributions from Zignego and his family and Kelly un-recused himself so he could judge the case.

Justice shouldn’t be for sale.

Dan Kelly is too corrupt, too extreme.

Judge Janet Protasiewicz is a community leader, a Circuit Court judge who upholds the law, and a 25-year former prosecutor who dedicated her career to protecting victims. Find out more about Judge Janet at

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