Today, State Representative Scott Allen (R – Waukesha) voted to pass SJR 2, which would amend the Wisconsin State Constitution to allow judges to consider public safety in the setting of bail.   

“As a government, our chief responsibility is to protect public safety. Our constituents expect that of us,” said Rep. Allen.

While the Waukesha parade brought more attention to the issue of bail reform, Rep. Allen noted in his floor speech that there have been many other cases where repeat, violent offenders have committed crimes while out on low bail.

“Unfortunately, the victims of violent crime are disproportionately minority,” stated Rep Allen. “Passing this resolution is a clear indication that we hear you and we care.”

Currently, the Wisconsin constitution only allows for consideration of reappearance in court in the setting of bail.

“This amendment will give judges the tools to consider a variety of factors in setting bail to ensure the public is safe from serious, high risk offenders,” said Rep. Allen.

The vote passed on a bi-partisan basis by a vote of 74-23. With this second passing of the constitutional amendment, it will now go to referendum in the April 2023 election.

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