Madison, WI — State Representative Alex Dallman (R-Green Lake) voted today, for a second time, to amend the Wisconsin State Constitution. This resolution would allow courts to acknowledge more applicable factors when setting bail.

“I have noticed throughout our state and in our communities that high crimes are being met with low bail and I believe this piece of legislation could curb unnecessary violence by keeping career criminals off the streets,” said Representative Dallman. “A constitutional amendment like this could provide our judges with the tools they need to more adequately deal with repeat, violent offenders.”

AJR 1 would implement an amendment to Wisconsin’s Constitution that erases restrictions on bail determination or outright denial by allowing our judges to consider the safety of the community, the severity of the offense and previous criminal record.

Both the Senate and Assembly have supported this constitutional amendment for two consecutive legislative sessions, which now requires the amendment to head to a state-wide vote of the Wisconsin electorate in the upcoming April election.

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