Madison, Wis. – Today, Governor Evers delivered his biennial budget address. In the address, the governor highlighted budget priorities and investments targeted to ensure future growth and prosperity for the State of Wisconsin. In response, Assistant Democratic Leader Representative Kalan Haywood (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“I am excited and energized to see that the governor is taking head-on an issue that is very important to me and the constituents I represent – access to quality, affordable, and safe housing. This comprehensive plan will invest over $300 million to help keep people in housing that is accessible and affordable, and invests an additional $100 million for property restoration, so working families can continue to work, live and learn as part of our communities. His plan will also increase tenants’ rights, and accountability for landlords. It is clear that Governor Evers recognizes that reinvesting the $7.1 billion surplus back into the people of this state will pay great dividends.

“Governor Evers recognizes that the key to keeping our democracy and way of life strong is to invest in the middle-class. Through a 10% middle-class tax cut, a $2.6 billion investment in K-12 education, and increased access to affordable healthcare, we will create an environment in which our middle class cannot only survive but thrive. I put my full support in this budget as it not only provides economic security, but seeks to return and preserve individual freedoms by protecting our voting rights and restoring the right to have an abortion.

“I look forward to working with the governor to make these priorities a reality and remain hopeful that the majority party will work with us to find commonsense solutions and policies that will move Wisconsin forward and ensure growth and prosperity now and for future generations.”

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