MADISON, Wis. — Rep. Neubauer released the following statement after the conclusion of the Assembly floor session:

“Our constituents elected us to work towards solutions to the challenges they face when they wake up every morning, in every corner of our state. Today, we had the opportunity to do that work.

“Instead, we debated a politically-motivated, cynical advisory referendum that will only further divide us, as well as a constitutional amendment that won’t address the root issues our justice system faces or do all we could to make our communities safer. 

“We could have taken an idea proposed by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson and put the question of whether or not Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban should be repealed to the people of our state. But we didn’t, because Legislative Republicans would rather ignore the will of the people over addressing the issues facing our state. 

“Last November, Wisconsinites rejected the divisive abortion policies of the GOP at the top of the ticket. I believe they would do it again on the ballot this spring if we give them the chance. Their voices should be heard in the Capitol building.”

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