MADISON, WI – Rep. Tranel and colleagues on both sides of the aisle voted (74-23) in support of the bail reform constitutional amendment (SJR 2) that would have the State of Wisconsin join 48 other states that allow courts to consider more relevant factors regarding the “dangerousness” of defendants arrested for violent crimes.

“It was great to be back on the floor of the State Assembly and get the new session started. We were able to pass for the second time a joint resolution that would allow judges to take into consideration a person’s prior criminal history and convictions when deciding to set bail,” said Rep. Tranel. “In order for this to be changed in our constitution, it has to go in front of the voters this spring. I am hoping voters will get to the polls and support it because I think it’s important that we do everything we can to keep our communities safe.”

The Wisconsin State Legislature has approved this constitutional amendment in two consecutive sessions. Now it will be placed on the April ballot and give the voters the opportunity to approve or reject the change to the state constitution. All but two states permit courts to consider “dangerousness” to some degree when composing the conditions of pretrial release.

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