Kenosha – Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Somers) issued the following statement after Governor Evers delivered his 2023 Budget Address:

“Like with his State of the State address, tonight the Governor talked a lot about cooperation, both sides of the aisle working together for the good of our state and its hard working families. There were a number of areas where I think we can find common ground, particularly shared revenue. Local governments in red districts need those funds just as badly as local governments in blue districts, as we’ve seen with the referendums to support public safety. I’m hoping to see some bipartisan support for Governor Evers’s tax cut for working men, women and families, as well; Wisconsin families are still struggling with inflationary prices and can really use that money. Neighborhood schools in urban, suburban and rural districts are still grappling with fallout from the pandemic, and special ed reimbursement has lagged for years, so I hope my Republican colleagues will be willing to come to the table there, too.

We’ve got a long road before we have a final budget, but with a record surplus and unprecedented rainy day fund, we’re at a good starting point.”

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