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James Rowen: Walker backtracks on health coverages; trust at your risk

Walker says late Friday never mind about his eagerness to get on board the 'opt out of pre-existing conditions' bandwagon set in motion by his best pal Paul Ryan.

Gregory Humphrey: Kooyenga deserves praise

Last week, Rep. Kooyenga put forth a large, multi-faceted, and rather complicated proposal to address the long-simmering issue of road funding. He should be applauded for doing his research and having the courage to stand up and make his case.

Chris Walker: Mike McCabe should run for governor (with one small “if”)

McCabe offers something rare in a challenge to Walker — an actual vision for improving Wisconsin.

Alan Talaga: Wanted: Good Democratic candidates

The party needs to get to work on the midterm elections.

Leon Young: Civil legal services: Right or privilege?

The fact that the state is now attempting to codify a process that may provide civil legal services to indigent and disabled residents is good public policy, and is desperately needed.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate Trump, Sheriff Clarke, transportation and more

The WisOpinion.com Insiders, Chvala & Kanavas, debate President Trump, Sheriff Clarke, the 2018 guv's race, transportation and more in the "lightning round," brought to you by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisPolitics.com: Book Club podcast with author Gregg Hoffmann

  The latest edition of the WisPolitics.com Book Club features Gregg Hoffmann, author of "Immortalized in Bronze." The new book, more than 40 years in the making,...

Paul Fanlund: On political purity, Bernie Sanders changes his tune

Recently, Sanders’ tune has changed, and the defenders of embattled reproductive rights have noticed.

Kim Kohlhaas: DNR budget and policy should support science, not partisan political agendas

DNR staff want to see an agency that lives up to its mission. They, and the citizens of Wisconsin whom they serve, want a DNR that promotes science and citizen understanding, not the shabby politics of the moment.

Darin Von Ruden: Time to take the bull by the horns

The recent experience of Wisconsin dairy farmers being dropped from their processors and left scrambling to find a new buyer for their milk should be a wake-up call. Dairy farmers, farm groups, and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection should all take a long look at what has happened and what it means for the future of dairy farming in our state.

Steven E. Martin: What both sides get wrong about college speakers

I encourage all colleges not only to allow but actually to encourage a wide range of speakers because a good education depends on hearing controversial topics that might make one uncomfortable and might even be perceived as offensive.

David Blaska: If Leonard Pitts understands the threat to free speech, why can’t Terese...

It is disheartening when my State Rep, Terese Berceau, can call the nationwide war on free speech “an artificial, political controversy.”

Matt Rothschild: 50 million reasons Wisconsin GOP backs high-capacity wells

The agriculture industry and more than a dozen other influential special interests represented by WMC, including business, manufacturing, real estate and construction, contributed $16.7 million between January 2011 and December 2016 to Republican legislators. These same interests also contributed another $33.2 million to Walker during the period. That’s almost $50 million combined.

James Rowen: For Wisconsin, another rotten ranking

By one new measurement, Wisconsin is 12th worst nationally for wells which supply drinking water out of compliance with federal law.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Republican war on Milwaukee continues

In their latest raid on local control, Assembly Republicans would wipe out Milwaukee County's $30 wheel tax — costing the county $7 million this year and $14 million next year — although the county could try to get it back in a referendum in 2018.
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