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Ola Lisowski: Research shows positive results for voucher students

A new review of 22 major voucher studies has found that the majority of studies nationwide found positive effects on students in private school choice programs.

Mitch Henck: Start health reform by showing us the bill

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck says health care reform should start with price transparency.

William L. Holahan and Charles O. Kroncke: Why federal election study needed

Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity could answer many important questions.

Bruce Thompson: US Supreme Court wrong on redistricting?

By focusing only on racial gerrymandering justices miss the bigger picture.

Dave Cieslewicz: Next Dem Party chair? Who cares?

The party needs to work on its messaging and start bringing people together.

George Mitchell: An era of ‘temporary transportation fixes’

Walker’s DOT is planning a $40 million “temporary fix” next year.

Scot Ross: GOP should go back to school on student loan debt crisis

It’s clear from the empty platitudes, misinformation and misdirection heard from the GOP as they engaged in the debate that when it comes to student loan debt, they just don’t get it.

Christian Schneider: The GOP declares war on decency

For many lifelong Republicans, this transformation of the Republican Party from one of principled small-government enthusiasts to one incapable of shame has been a shock.

Leon Young: Is there no end to this legislative gun madness?

We, as elected officials, should be trying to prevent wanton gun violence – not encouraging it by promoting legislation that merely increases the number of handguns in our midst. Concealed Carry 2.0 (or the right to carry) provides no real deterrence to crime and is terrible public policy.

Mitch Henck: No training to carry a gun? Really?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on a Wisconsin Republican proposal that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon without a license or training.

Bruce Murphy: Should police do more high-speed chases?

Milwaukee alderman want more pursuits. Chief Flynn says they are endanger innocent people.

John T. Chisholm and Christian A. Gossett: Law enforcement needs better data

As prosecutors in Wisconsin who often espouse competing political ideologies, this is one thing we agree on: the need to bring improved data collection and objective performance measurement to the world of criminal justice.

Casey Hoff: What Milwaukee County needs in a new sheriff

If Clarke leaves Milwaukee County, Governor Walker should go far beyond the basics and pick a new Sheriff who respects the Constitution, honors civil liberties and upholds the rule of law.

Steven Walters: Choice schools still being debated

New study says voucher students do better. Except on achievement.

M. D. Kittle: Conservatives need to remember who they are fighting for – and...

The taxpayer-first philosophy has carried the day for fiscal conservatives in Wisconsin and elsewhere. It's that philosophy that governing Republicans need to remember as they work through the abundantly more challenging phases of budget-writing ahead.
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