Assembly approves series of education related bills

The Assembly approved AB 970, which would eliminate income caps for the state’s three school choice programs. The move would cost property taxpayers $577.3 million in extra expenses, assuming 67,689 newly eligible students would enter the system, according to a

Assembly approves bill to break up Milwaukee Public Schools

Dem Rep. Sondy Pope blasted Republicans for passing a bill that would disband Milwaukee Public Schools for what she called a racist attempt to grow the voucher program by splitting up the state’s largest school district. The Assembly today in

Assembly approves bill to create a “parental bill of rights”

Dems balked as Assembly Republicans today approved a bill that would create a “parental bill of rights” aimed at giving parents more say over what happens in classrooms. The Assembly voted 60-34 along party lines to approve AB 963, which

Assembly approves GOP bills aiming to increase state’s workforce

The Assembly approved a series of bills Republicans say would help increase the size of the state’s workforce by moving more people off of government programs while increasing talent attraction and training efforts. Republicans are seeking to change requirements to

Assembly passes bill limiting a governor’s emergency powers

The Assembly voted 59-35 along party lines to pass a bill limiting a governor’s emergency powers. Under AB 912, the governor would be prohibited from declaring businesses as “essential” or “nonessential” in emergencies. That means that any order affecting businesses