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Alan Talaga: BadgerCare for all a good sign for Dems

This progressive, pragmatic proposal shows that the minority party is ready to govern again.

Bill Kaplan: GOP health bill slams Wisconsin

What will be the impact of the Senate GOP health care bill on Wisconsin? Cruel and devastating.

Bill Kaplan: GOP health bill worse

Millions, including nearly 300,000 Wisconsinites, stand to lose health coverage.

Bill Kaplan: Kasich and Walker

The two GOP governors have different views on federal health care reform efforts.

Bill Kaplan: McCain, always a hero

By voting against ACA repeal bill, McCain, Murkowski and Collins reminded Americans that there are still GOP giants.

Bill Kaplan: Next on health care?

Republicans should stop trying to repeal or sabotage the ACA and instead cooperate with Democrats to make the ACA better.

Bill Lueders: End lawmakers’ ability to destroy records

Wisconsin lawmakers should not be destroying records they create and receive in their official, taxpayer-funded capacity.

Bill Osmulski: Debt driving Milwaukee’s budget problems, not lack of state aid

There are two words that characterize every budget in the City of Milwaukee since Tom Barrett became mayor: borrow and spend.

Bill Osmulski: The truth about road bonding

Wisconsin lawmakers might not like the idea of borrowing to pay for road projects, but an overwhelming amount of research and experience, not to mention current state policy, shows bonding to be an effective and essential component in transportation funding.

Bruce Murphy: Milwaukee is unequal for bike users

Report shows poorer residents have far less access to bike trails.

Bruce Murphy: Milwaukee’s revenue structure is ‘broken’

Study warns over-reliance on property tax, state aid threatens city’s future.

Bruce Murphy: The fire fighters’ selfish agenda

The fire fighters union’s backing of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's recall is all about driving up their wages and benefits.

Bruce Murphy: Walker building yesterday’s economy

Throwing ever more money at manufacturers, with ever fewer jobs gained.

Bruce Murphy: We couldn’t find any evidence of voter fraud

Former Republican state senator Dale Schultz offers a frank look at the false claims of voter fraud used by his GOP colleagues to justify restrictions that have suppressed voting in Wisconsin.

Bruce Murphy: WTMJ move threatens liberal talk station

But without the FM translator, Mike Crute's "Resistance Radio" station will likely have a smaller audience and less value in the marketplace.

Bruce Thompson: Has Barrett driven up Milwaukee’s debt?

Conservative MacIver Institute says yes. Let’s look at the data.

Bruce Thompson: How will Trumpcare affect Wisconsin?

While the CBO has not broken down the projected coverage decrease for each state, the Urban Institute concludes that in Wisconsin, about 286,000 more people are expected to be uninsured under the Senate health-care bill than under Obamacare in 2022.

Bruce Thompson: The ‘Democrats are evil’ trap

That the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut the door on the John Doe investigation in the absence of any testimony or factual findings is indicative of the collapse of the analytical process upon which the justice system relies.

Bruce Thompson: Who wins from global warming?

Wisconsin wins; Florida, Texas, southern states big losers.

Casey Hoff: AG Jeff Sessions grossly misguided on weed policy

Sessions wants to reverse a national trend toward legalization of marijuana and crack down on it.

Chris Mertes: Brancel retiring? Bring in the Farm Babe!

Certainly the governor has already begun to think about potential replacements for Brancel. Into that certainly tough and complete search process should be thrown the name of Pam Jahnke, also known as the Fabulous Farm Babe.

Chris Rickert: Foxconn not the only thing left dangling in state budget

As part of the Republican-controlled Legislature’s attempt to close a $1 billion transportation fund deficit, three Republican Assembly leaders put a new twist on the old corporate welfare schtick.

Chris Rochester: Gronik’s quixotic candidacy aims to transform Wisconsin into Illinois

As governor, Gronik would spend all his time tilting at windmills in order to “make Wisconsin Illinois again.”

Christian Schneider: Minimum wage study exposes wishful thinking on the left

A recent study by the University of Washington found that the City of Seattle's recent move to increase its citywide minimum wage to $15 has been detrimental to the very workers it was trying to help.

Christian Schneider: No, Trump’s wrestling tweet doesn’t ‘incite violence’

Those with even a fleeting knowledge of professional wrestling, of course, know that Trump's tweet wasn't inciting any sort of violence.

Christian Schneider: On recall, Barrett has only himself to blame

Barrett helped set the precedent that recall elections could be used to pull elected officials out of office for standard political differences.

Christian Schneider: Time to rein in civil asset forfeiture

Seizing an individual's property without a conviction — or even an arrest — makes a shambles of due process and invites abuse by police departments.

Christian Schneider: Walker’s transportation compromise offers GOP an escape hatch

Walker's compromise offer is a reasonable life raft — the Legislature shouldn't think too long before grabbing it.

Dave Cieslewicz: Democrats don’t speak to legitimate blue-collar values

The liberal tripe about blue-collar voters going against their own self-interests or going for their worst instincts just isn’t a useful explanation, no matter its accuracy.

Dave Cieslewicz: Despite Trump, our system is working

The phenomenon of Trump has made me see ways in which America really is exceptional.

Dave Cieslewicz: Soglin needs to get it right

The mayor made a sloppy and serious mistake when he claimed that Madison accounts for two-thirds of all the state’s private sector job creation since Gov. Scott Walker took office.

Dave Cieslewicz: Token opposition to legal pot

Let’s see how it plays out in other states first.

Dave Zweifel: Gov. Scott Walker owes ‘liberal journalist’ $3.50

Walker, Trump, and their ilk find it easier and more appealing to their followers to condemn one and all in the media to, as Huppke points out, make the divide wider for their own purposes.

Dave Zweifel: Middle-class jobs may be gone for good

Don't expect many — if any — of these new positions that Foxconn could bring to Wisconsin to come close to matching the pay and benefits of the manufacturing jobs that built Wisconsin's and the nation's middle class, but which are disappearing all too rapidly.

Dave Zweifel: Pay attention as budget nears completion

As we've all come to learn, strange things happen to the budget in the wee small hours when no one's looking.

Dave Zweifel: Rail decision may come back to bite Walker & Co.

Among Scott Walker's boneheaded moves during his years in the governor's office, his decision to give away more than $800 million in federal aid to expand passenger rail in Wisconsin still ranks among the top contenders.

Dave Zweifel: With just one word, any Wisconsinite could get BadgerCare

A bill introduced several days ago to allow anyone in Wisconsin to purchase insurance through the state's BadgerCare program probably makes too much sense to get through this Legislature.

David Blaska: Did Donald Trump and Foxconn just re-elect Scott Walker?

And Paul Ryan. And a Republican legislature?

David Blaska: The profane unmaking of a president (or why words matter)

The Republican leaders who swallowed hard to accept “a different kind of president” are now girding their loins. Donald Trump is not draining the swamp, he’s breeding more alligators.

David Blaska: Walker’s Democrat challenger vows to repeal and replace Act 10; Illinois is...

Gronik is running as a Bernie Sanders businessman.

David Crowley: Legalize marijuana to combat growing opioid epidemic

While many states have legalized medical marijuana, Wisconsin and other states should move toward full legalization in order to best combat the opioid epidemic.

David D. Haynes: Needless to say, Donald Trump is no Boy Scout

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first of many presidents to address the Scouts at their National Jamboree. He told them: “Scouting revolves around not the mere theory of service to others but the habit of service to others.” Trump had a different message — he talked about himself and belittled his enemies.

David D. Haynes: The high price of Paul Ryan’s forced marriage to Donald Trump

Ryan thinks he needs Trump. But how has it worked out so far? The health care bill is on the ropes, and nothing of substance has been accomplished since the reality TV star took office. Trump's White House is inept. It's likely to remain inept.

David Haynes: Avoid Foxconn Fever and get a good deal for taxpayers

With at least five states bidding for the work and a governor eager to burnish his cred as a job creator as an election approaches, there is a real risk of "overpaying." Walker needs to be ready to walk away.

David Prosser: A conservative case for a gas tax hike

A person who is happily retired from public office has a lot more freedom to suggest solutions than officials who are still in the arena. Here are my unpleasant but honest suggestions.

Dom Noth: Trump’s simple solution to health care

The repeal-replace rhetoric was absurd with Obama in office and it remains a bigger absurdity today as the ACA has taken hold and helped far more Americans than claim damage despite the drumbeat of GOP ads.

Dominique Paul Noth: Johnson’s journey from giddy to goofy

Johnson offered a vigorous “aye” to the ACA repeal bill that hours earlier he said was a sham.

Dominique Paul Noth: Trump’s Foxconn Wisconsin jobs deal doesn’t hold up under scrutiny

The Foxconn deal's $3 billion in state subsidies means revenue balancing against any promise in jobs. That means more pain for transportation, public schools, environmental protection and other human needs a responsible government should be paying attention to first.
Wisconsin State Capitol

Ed Heinzelman: For want of a transportation policy, Wisconsin has no budget

The logical approach is to raise the gasoline tax, though Walker’s self imposed tax denial and Fitzgerald’s enabler tendencies have prevented that.

Ed Heinzelman: No matter what bill they pass, health care costs the same thing

Now one of the professed goals of the GOP is to reduce health care costs. None of the bills they’ve proposed have done anything to address health care costs.

Emily Mills: Field to oppose Walker begins to shape up

For the first time in his administration, Walker is faced with two very distinct sides within his party. Meanwhile, he is up for re-election in 2018.
Paul Ryan

Emily Mills: Paul Ryan has lost touch with Wisconsin voters

While Ryan claims to be on the side of the working class people of his home town of Janesville, his Randian beliefs and his complete lack of interest in actually meeting with his constituents face-to-face paint a very different picture.

Emily Mills: The real motive behind Trump’s transgender order

If those costs were truly the only reason for the ban, however, I could understand at least having a discussion about altering that part of the order. Completely banning transgender people from serving, however, signals that this is about much more.

Eric Bott: State’s craft beer industry and wineries need protection

These growing industries have tremendous potential to create jobs, attract tourism and grow our state’s economy. There’s just one thing holding them back: outdated, prohibition-era regulations.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Milwaukee blew its chance to supply water to Waukesha

Waukesha should go with the best deal, but remember that Milwaukee could have had this years ago but preferred instead to play chicken.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Public deserves to know what’s in federal draft report on Milwaukee Police...

Milwaukee Ald. Jose Perez is asking a good question: Why hasn’t a federal Department of Justice draft review of the Milwaukee Police Department been released to city officials and the public?

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Ted Kanavas’ passing leaves a hole in Wisconsin

The passing of former state Sen. Ted Kanavas the other day was a sad day not only for his family, but for Wisconsin as well.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Walker, Vos and Fitzgerald still playing chicken on state budget

The game of chicken over the state budget continued Friday, but the sides have changed.

Fred Kessler: U.S. Supreme Court has the opportunity to restore ‘electoral democracy’ in Wisconsin...

The US Supreme Court will soon hear the most important case in the decade, Whitford vs. Gill, which could restore electoral democracy in Wisconsin and throughout the rest of the country.

Gary Hebl: Law change would hurt school referenda

Bills that Republicans are proposing unnecessarily curtail local control, continuing a six-year trend of Republicans micromanaging every aspect of state and local government.

George Mitchell: Walker’s reelection now a certainty

Foxconn deal would make him a 10 point favorite if Las Vegas offered odds.

George Mitchell: Highway debt beyond reasonable limit

The record under Walker — and before him, former Governor Jim Doyle — shows what happens when reasonable limits are ignored.

George Mitchell: Roads debate much ado about nothing

By pledging to veto a gas tax hike, the Governor has reduced the scope of debate to amounts that might sound large but in fact don’t approach well-documented needs.

George Mitchell: The doublespeak of Duey Stroebel

Republican state senator is against more debt. Except when he isn’t.

George Mitchell: Transportation credit card binge raising cost of transportation spending

Doyle, and now Walker and the Republicans, were so hooked on highway debt they have needed to resort to the general fund to finance a portion of the burgeoning sums.

George Mitchell: Waste, fraud, and abuse at DOT under GOP control

Critics skate by the Legislative Audit Bureau's conclusion that DOT "generally had effective oversight" of the bidding and contract award process and "took steps to control construction costs, but it could take additional steps."

George Mitchell: What would Tommy do?

A Capitol cliche, widely employed and often accurately so, goes about like this: “Tommy would not have let this happen.” It most surely applies to the current budget stalemate.

Gregory Humphrey: Paul Ryan, Medicaid, and health needs from gun violence

With more than 30,000 people admitted to hospitals annually for firearm injuries, and a huge segment of them receiving Medicaid, there seems to be a vacuum of dialogue and common sense when it comes to our national reform efforts presently underway in Congress.
Paul Ryan

Gregory Humphrey: Where does Speaker Ryan head after health care debacle?

Over the past weeks the narrative about the agenda that Ryan now is pressing down on, following the most embarrassing flop of health care reform, shows a number of problems.

In candid but needed defense of Tom Barrett

Tom Barrett's organizational skills and personable manner have brought a lot of success in the public arena but have also at key moments worked against his elections and his reputation in office.
Wisconsin State Capitol

James Rowen: And so begins WI’s 2017 sanctioned hunting hound slaughter

Three Plott hounds have been reported by the Department of Natural Resources to have been thrown to the wolves by their owners between July 15-17.

James Rowen: Ex GOP state rep. says WI roads are okey-dokey

Mac Davis went all-in against roundabouts, as if that were the cause or the heart or the substance of Wisconsin's transportation over-built, unfunded, special-interest infested major highway expansion problem.
Wisconsin State Capitol

James Rowen: In Wisconsin, and DC, GOP perfects the full flip

Senate Republicans are breaking out the credit card to borrow more hundreds of millions of dollars and stick our grandkids with the bill. Remember when Republicans sold themselves as fiscal conservatives?

James Rowen: Lake Michigan water lifts Foxconn deal

Don't overlook the availability of Great Lakes water as critical to Foxconn's location decision.

James Rowen: Loss of Talgo train hurts Foxconn deal

Amazing how many good ideas and solid public services these anti-transit Republicans have derailed.

James Rowen: One last word, number about the Amtrak line Walker killed

Republicans say they believe in austerity and fiscal responsibility. Bunk.

James Rowen: Vos plays the Foxconn card in WI budget deadlock

The mess that is the state's over-budget, pothole-pitted and red-ink stained highway system and looming fiscal fiasco just got even more intense.

James Rowen: Vos’ long transit blockade does not help Racine’s Foxconn future

If Foxconn were to build a 10,000-employee factory in Racine County, there would be a need for extensive transit coordination among Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee counties to help move unprecedented numbers of people in and out of the Racine area.

James Rowen: Walker to sacrifice DNR, PSC and WisDOT integrity for ‘Wisconn’

Walker's bill would guarantee that any business considering a Wisconsin project will ask for Foxconn subsidies, Foxconn DNR exemptions, Foxconn PSC privileges and Foxconn road-building priorities.

James Rowen: WI dismisses climate science as roads, farms and lives suffer

Many Western Wisconsin roads and other infrastructure washed out in 2016 floods are still not rebuilt; one NW local official says he has seen a dozen 100-year-storms in the last 30 years, while a state official says road-building standards have not caught up with "evidence ... pointing towards increasing frequency of large" storm events.

James Rowen: Wisconsin under Walker — no train, no budget — but highway red...

Wisconsin's major highways are congested, in disrepair, with no Amtrak alternative for relief or a 2017-'19 transportation budget resolution in sight -- so let's not forget who helped set this in motion years ago.

James Wigderson: Johnson calls out McConnell’s dishonesty

It’s not often senators will call out their own leaders like this.

James Wigderson: Randy Bryce is not ready for prime time

While a clever video may give you the spotlight, the spotlight burns awfully hot on the unprepared.

Janet Weyandt: Lowering age minimum to 15 could help ease Wisconsin’s lifeguard shortage

Wisconsin law requires lifeguards to be at least 16 — a requirement that may be compounding a shortage that forced a Wisconsin Dells resort to delay the opening of part of its outdoor waterpark this year.

Jeff Simpson: No lessons learned

We need to stop pretending the Political establishment is most qualified to lead us.

Jennifer Shilling: GOP health care repeal still cruel

The latest version of TrumpCare continues to favor these special interests by cutting taxes for the wealthy, raising out-of-pocket costs on working families and making huge cuts to Medicaid.

Jim Sensenbrenner: Congress should reauthorize modern Voting Rights Act

Ensuring that every eligible American voter has the ability to cast his or her ballot without intimidation, preclusion and prejudice is a constitutional right.

Jim Sensenbrenner: Giving our nurses a helping hand

While nursing it is currently one of the fastest growing occupations in the nation, the demand for nurses is outpacing the supply and the nation is facing a severe shortage here in Wisconsin, and nationwide.

John Nichols: Donald Trump’s mouthpiece: Wisconsin ‘basically a communist country’

Donald Trump’s new communications director, Goldman Sachs alumnus Anthony Scaramucci, doesn’t just claim that Madison is a communist stronghold. Scaramucci says there’s a Marxist strain that runs through all of Wisconsin.

John Nichols: Mark Pocan gets what Paul Ryan does not

In a representative democracy, representatives are supposed to engage with their constituents on the issues of the day.

John Nichols: Ryan hands Trump a blank check for war

House Speaker Paul Ryan had an opportunity not merely to reassert the authority of the chamber he is supposed to lead but also to steer the United States away from the dangerous course of endless war and steady subservience to an ever-more-powerful military-industrial complex.

John Nichols: Wisconsin Democrats help beat back assault on Bill of Rights

A coalition of constitutionalists just prevailed in a high-stakes struggle to defend freedom of religion as it is outlined in the First Amendment.

John Torinus: Could Wisconsin boom like Seattle? One vote for ‘Yes’

Erik Iverson sees Wisconsin poised for the same kind of boom that Seattle experienced in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

John Torinus: Long-shot Foxconn deal has to pay off

In the competition for a big Foxconn plant with an alleged 10,000 workers, bear in mind that Wisconsin has generally been a loser in sweepstakes those big deals.

John Torinus: The health care speech Ryan ought to give

As with many seemingly intractable problems, Ryan needs to step back, rethink and come at the economic chaos in health care in a whole new light.

Jon Erpenbach: Trump’s voter fraud search is a wasted effort

Violating our voters’ rights in search of fraud is a waste of time, because the Republican claim of voter fraud has been proven false more than once. This national gambit will show nothing different.

Jon Erpenbach: Violating privacy in search of fraud is misplaced justice

Regardless of what happens in court or the “call back” from President Donald Trump, the Wisconsin Elections Commission will follow Wisconsin law and grant a request to release limited information about our voters, as they must under our open records law.

Jon Peacock: Obamacare ‘fixes’ will shortchange Wisconsin

Latest GOP approach is bad news for this state and others.

Jonathan Brostoff: Why I oppose the Foxconn deal

For the $3 billion demanded by Foxconn, we can fix every pothole in the state with Wisconsin workers, reduce our public school classroom sizes by hiring hundreds of new teachers, reinvest in our University System and still have money left over! Instead, Walker is working with billionaire private interests to fleece the public and demand we pay the price tag.

Jonathan Krause: Prisoners of the system

The reason actual disciplinary actions will not be recommend nor taken by the Green Bay School District can be summed up in one buzzword: Optics.

Kathleen Vinehout: Foxconn: The hype and the small print

The governor tells us the company will create 13,000 jobs that pay nearly $54,000. Other businesses will benefit because the company will buy things from Wisconsin businesses. But, as Paul Harvey used to say, 'Here’s the Rest of the Story.'

Kathleen Vinehout: Health care: Steps toward the future

Access to affordable, high quality health care is a duty of our society to everyone. Health care for all is a moral responsibility of our people to each other.

Kathleen Vinehout: Proposal helps veterans become farmers

In a bipartisan effort to bring more veterans into agriculture, Senators Testin, Ringhand, Representatives Goyke and Brooks introduced legislation called the Wisconsin Veterans Farm Bill of 2017.

Kathleen Vinehout: Seeking solutions for state road budget

While raising the gas tax won’t solve all our problems, getting agreement on a modest fuel tax increase would be good first step.

Kathleen Vinehout: Talk is all health care at the Art Fair

The Affordable Care Act and Healthcare.gov created a way for self-employed and small business owners to buy health coverage.

Katrina Shankland: Roll up your sleeves and pass a budget, GOP

This unnecessary delay is forcing our local governments, school districts, and construction workers to wait even longer to develop their own budgets and find out if their projects are on track.

Lena Taylor: Elections have consequences

Health care repeal proves democracy isn’t just a spectator sport.

Leon Young: News flash: Climate change is real

Call it what you will: “Global Warming” or “Climate Change.” The issue is real and portends to only get worse, as evident by this most recent climatic shift.

Leon Young: The 25th Amendment

A House Democrat is calling for Congress to review the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, suggesting President Donald Trump is mentally “unstable.”

Leon Young: Trump: The real purveyor of fake issues

Since taking office, Trump has put forth so many baseless and absurd assertions that everything he utters must now be fact-checked for its veracity.

Lisa Subeck and Dave Hansen: We need a statewide referendum on big money in...

We’ve introduced a resolution calling for a statewide advisory referendum to give voters the opportunity to voice their support for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United.
Wisconsin State Capitol

Lou Kaye: Sen. Stroebel is right. Taxpayers paying more and getting less is conservative

There is an interesting if not amusing "debate through the media" about the state's transportation funding taking place between long-time conservative George Mitchell and Sen. Duey Stroebel.

Luz Sosa: Take off the rose-colored glasses about Foxconn

Notorious Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn is setting Wisconsin up for a hustle, and the very people who should be suspicious — news media and politicians — are playing right into Foxconn’s hands.

M.D. Kittle: The ‘Wisconsin Model’ is a big reason for the Foxconn deal

The real credit for landing this "once-in-a-century" deal are the people who said to do business, Wisconsin must be open for business.

Mac Davis: Justice David Prosser’s article on the transportation fund

There are at least three clear major reasons that Wisconsin should not raise the gas tax at this time.

Melissa Sargent: A state budget solution that would work: Legalize marijuana

Republicans are running out of excuses for why they cannot support a bill to legalize marijuana, and it’s time for us to give marijuana legalization serious consideration in Wisconsin.

Michael Cummins: The cheese ain’t cutting it

In the economy of the next few decades, merely holding on to Wisconsin natives will not suffice. We need lots of people, especially younger people, to start moving to our fair state permanently (and not just to Madison).

Michael Haas: State voter list is public to prevent a stolen election

If everyone can see who did and did not vote in a particular election, we can have confidence that nobody was marking ballots for people who did not show up at the polls or cast an absentee ballot.

Mike Nichols: Look down the road in transportation funding debate

Legislators and the governor need to give themselves another option and seek permission from the federal government to toll in future years.

Mitch Henck: Comparing Tony Evers to Jim Doyle isn’t smart

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents after Wisconsin schools superintendent Tony Evers said he is mulling an election challenge to Gov. Scott Walker.

Mitch Henck: Donald Trump can’t run it like a business

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck says President Donald Trump should not be trying to run the nation like it's a business.

Mitch Henck: John McCain gets his revenge

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents after Sen. John McCain cast a "no" vote that helped clinch the U.S. Senate's rejection of a measure to repeal parts of Obamacare.

Nick W. Turkal: A way forward on health care reform

Maybe it’s time we as a country candidly acknowledge our deep divisions on health care policy and work to develop a framework on the fundamentals on which we can agree.

Owen Robinson: Ceding the grand debate

As the U.S. Senate appears to be in the final throes of a bill to significantly change some of the worst aspects of Obamacare, it is appropriate to return to some fundamental truths that have been lost in the debate.

Owen Robinson: Protecting the right to Pokémon Go

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge J.P. Stadtmueller issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting Milwaukee County from enforcing its ordinance requiring permits for virtual and location-based augmented reality games in county parks saying that it likely violates the First Amendment.

Owen Robinson: Recalling Barrett

A group calling themselves “Save Our City. Milwaukeeans Can’t Wait” has announced plans to launch a recall effort against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Owen Robinson: Taxing with the lights on

We have all seen empty big box stores sit vacant and unsold for years because there are very few buyers for properties that were purpose-built for a specific retailer. The consequences are real and the money is big.

Paul Fanlund: Announcing the Cap Times Idea Fest, a new way to reach a...

The Sept. 16-17 festival’s unifying theme is “Reach a Better State,” and the sessions will center on core themes of the economy, equity, education, politics, journalism and culture.

Paul Fanlund: Democrats’ favorite hobby? Infighting

The self-destructive tension between left-leaning factions is as baffling as it is counterproductive.

Rebecca Blank: Lands’ End partnership a model of success

Our partnership with Lands’ End is just one example of the kind of innovative thinking that’s going to drive business development and keep both UW-Madison and our industry partners moving forward in the next decade.

Rex Huppke: Walker offers to get ‘liberal media’ a beer. I’m still waiting

There's no question a majority of journalists are liberal — not all but, statistically speaking, a high percentage. There are also a vast majority of journalists who are professional enough to do their jobs without being influenced by their own political or ideological beliefs.

Russell Flannery: Gou, Walker now need to deliver on $10B project

I’m rooting for both to succeed.

Sandra Gines & Carrie Riccobono: Medicare cuts are a raw deal for Wisconsin seniors

Cutting Part B reimbursements would lead to reduced care for our seniors, especially for those living in rural areas.

Savion Castro: The missing voices in the free speech debate

As a person of color studying at the overwhelmingly white University of Wisconsin-Madison, I believe policymakers also ought to hear my story and consider my experience, and the stories and experience of other students of color, before telling us whose voices are and aren’t being heard.

Scot Ross: Diligence required on Foxconn job

In this situation any rational, objective person would demand due diligence and straight answers before giving this proposal their blessing.

Scot Ross: Will Wisconsin be conned by GOP Foxconn deal?

The public, the press and elected officials need to ask some tough questions about what’s on the table and demand some straight answers, now.

Scott Walker: Foxconn will transform our state

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Wisconsin, and there’s no doubt it will have a transformational effect on our state for generations to come, just as Silicon Valley transformed the San Francisco Bay area, or the Research Triangle transformed the Carolinas.

Shirley Kufeldt: Sen. Johnson’s ‘Fire American’ bill should be trashed

Wisconsinites are still hurting from the recession with wages and salaries below the national average. Bringing in additional foreign laborers would hit disadvantaged groups particularly hard.

Steve Prestegard: Foxconn and its Wisconsin Denemies

Wednesday’s White House announcement about Foxconn coming to Wisconsin brought with it predictable complaints from the Wisconsin left.

Steve Prestegard: Foxconn coming to Wisconsin?

Predictably, Democrats will compare the Foxconn jobs, if they materialize, to Third World sweatshop labor because wages won’t be what Democrats think are appropriate.

Steve Walters: Medicaid’s future a key campaign issue

The future of Medicaid – the federal/state program that provides health care for one out of every five Wisconsin residents who are poor, elderly and disabled – is now a defining issue in next year’s campaigns for governor and the Legislature.

Steven Walters: Ellis, Prosser say raise the gas tax

Two former Republican leaders urge current leaders to stand up to Walker.

Steven Walters: Rep. Nygren reluctantly became drug-abuse fighter

Nygren's 28-year-old daughter, Cassie, has been dealing with drug addiction for years, including time in prison.

Steven Walters: We hate DOT, but here’s $721 million

If legislators believe DOT has wasted tax dollars and been mismanaged for years, why did Senate Republicans last week want to borrow $712 million more for that agency to spend on highways over the next two years?

Steven Walters: Will court ruling help rich homeowners?

Five justices said penalizing homeowners who don’t open their homes to government appraisers violates the U.S. Constitution clause prohibiting illegal searches.

Tim Casey: Don’t misunderstand us, Wisconsin wants Foxconn

Business investment anywhere in Wisconsin is good for all of us, and we should be welcoming companies like Foxconn into the state.

Tim Hanley: State DOT outsourcing proposals will dig deeper budget hole

The most recent state Senate proposal includes cutting 200 engineering positions at the Department of Transportation, a demonstrably counterproductive measure. Lawmakers instead should swear off this new round of outsourcing state work to pricey highway consultants.

Tom Still: As Foxconn spec continues, Wisconsin wins just by being on the map

There was a time, and not so long ago, when Wisconsin didn’t show up on the radar screens of businesses and national site-selection consultants looking for places to grow.

Tom Still: Calculating the cost – and benefits – of landing Foxconn

What’s it worth to Wisconsin to become the U.S. hub for a global company with 1 million employees and $136 billion in annual revenues?

Tom Still: Why Foxconn decided to make Wisconsin its American home

The reasons why a mid-sized, Midwest state won the competition to land North America’s first liquid crystal display plant – and the 13,000 direct jobs that will come with it – have much less to do with Wisconsin’s offer of financial incentives than with its other tangible and intangible assets.

Tom Still: Wisconsin is poised for opportunity

Even if Wisconsin does not become a U.S. home for Foxconn, a Taiwanese company best known for assembling Apple’s iPhones, it has the right ingredients to attract similar firms.

Tyler Brandt, M.D. Kittle, & Matt Tragesser: MacIver Institute analysis finds almost $2 billion...

The MacIver Institute has dug into the numbers, taken a deeper dive into DOT projects that are at the very least questionable, if not an outright waste of taxpayer money, and administrative failures that have added substantial and unnecessary costs.

Wendy Riemann: Building snowmen in July!?

We each must choose to make a conscious effort to step back into the light of civility, strengthen our communication, and self-correct each time we stumble … and who better to first cross the aisle as unified partners, than our elected officials.

Will Flanders and Collin Roth: Zip code should not determine education choices

In Wisconsin, despite the best efforts of education reformers, we’ve created an unequal system where zip code does determine what education options are available to parents.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign: $1 million donated to Walker-led group

Ten Wisconsin donors contributed more than $1 million to a group headed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker that raises unlimited amounts of cash from special interests to elect GOP candidates for governor nationwide.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’: Looking back at Ted Kanavas highlights

This week's WisOpinion.com Insiders show features another look back at Ted Kanavas highlights. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’: Remembering Ted Kanavas

WisOpinion.com Insider Chuck Chvala talks about his late co-host and friend Ted Kanavas. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association.
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