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Assembly passes CBD oil bill 98-0

The state Assembly today unanimously passed a CBD oil bill that lawmakers said would provide relief to families who use the marijuana extract to...

Assembly rejects Dem amendment on medical marijuana

The state Assembly shot down a Dem amendment to a CBD oil bill that would’ve set up a process for letting people obtain medical marijuana. The...

Senate approves requiring juvenile correctional officers to report suspected child abuse

The state Senate voted today to add juvenile correctional officers to the list of professionals who must report suspected child abuse even as Dems...

Senate votes to eliminate treasurer’s office

The state Senate again voted today to eliminate the office of the state treasurer, putting the constitutional amendment one step away from going to...

Assembly, Senate in session today

Both houses of the Legislature will be on the floor today, and the Assembly will take up "right to try" legislation that would allow...

Assembly backs bill to help Plymouth-based cheese manufacturer expand

The Assembly today unanimously passed a bill to help Plymouth-based Masters Gallery Foods Inc. build a $30 million packaging and distribution facility in the...

Senate passes PLA bill

The Senate passed the PLA bill 19-13  along party lines after a little more than an hour of discussion.

Dems stand in opposition to PLA bill; GOP defends

As discussion begins on the PLA bill, Dem senators lined up in opposition to the legislation, as few Republicans defended the bill. Decrying the bill as "anti-worker," the Dems warned the legislation...

Two amendments to PLA bill tabled

Two amendments to the PLA bill were tabled as discussion on project labor agreements began. One amendment would have given preference to a contractor who is a...

Senate gavels back in, set to take up PLA bill

The Senate has gaveled back in after a short recess and will take up the project labor agreements bill. The PLA bill, authored by Rep. Rob...

Senate passes CBD oil bill, pushes back discussion on PLA bill

The Senate voted today 31-1 to pass a CBD oil bill and pushed back discussion on project labor agreements legislation until later this afternoon. The PLA bill will...

Committee considers bill banning labor agreement requirements for public projects

Union backers during a public hearing Tuesday said the latest example of the GOP's attack on workers is a bill that bans the state...

Walker calls for expanding work requirements in welfare programs

Gov. Scott Walker today called for expanding work requirements under the state’s food stamps program to able-bodied adults with school-age children as well as...

Senate unanimously approves bill to help Oostburg project

The Senate voted unanimously today for a bill that would help Plymouth-based Masters Gallery Foods Inc. build a $30 million packaging and distribution facility...

Senate signs off on session rules

The Senate voted 21-12 today to approve a new package of rules to govern the 2017-18 session. The changes includes eliminating a requirement that a...
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